1. Island West Coast Contemporary

    This contemporary residential home is a masterful blend of natural cedar, ledge stone, concrete and corrugated metal.

    The West Coast architecture is by Gower Design Group and the home was built by Martin Custom Builders.

    The client retained tdSwansburg design services early in the process, allowing us to customize the space for our client’s lifestyle.

    The interior is sleek, contemporary and very West Coast.

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  2. White Rock Waterfront

    This Residential property is located on Marine Drive in the prestigious White Rock community. The stunning architecture is by Sandbox Design Works with a nod to Frank Lloyd Wright. This custom home is built by SC Morgan Fine Homes, a custom division of Westchester Developments. The interior will be a blend of contemporary & classic design elements creating a warm, sleek environment for this professional couple.

    SC Morgan Fine Homes

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  3. Luxury Timber Frame

    Timber framing (German: Fachwerk literally “framework”) In architectural terminology it can be defined as: a lattice of panels filled with a non-load bearing material. The design objective was to give the home a classic sophistication by introducing clean, streamlined design features that would compliment the architecture. The home is infused with all modern conveniences and sports a showroom garage to house the clients Mustang car collection. The home is being built by GOLD Georgie winner Top End Homes, specializing in Timber Frame construction.

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  4. Man Cave / Dream Garage

    This garage is so spectacular we have decided to showcase it-! ” Iconic Mustangs and formidable Shelby Cobras are invited into the Timber Frame residence to take their place at the center of conversation and reverence. This automotive lounge is appointed in purposeful, racing-inspired luxury – from cabinetry to commodes – that would be the envy of Jay Leno-!

    tdSwansburg has been working with the client since the plans’ inception.

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  5. Tavern on the Green

    Tavern on the Green is a private residence commissioned by an adventurous, entrepreneurial couple that love casual entertaining, vacationing in the California Deserts and Golf-! The home, built by SC Morgan Fine Homes and designed by tdSwansburg design studio, reflects all the clients life experiences and creates a perfect backdrop to their active lives.

    SC Morgan Fine Homes

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  6. Waterfront, Vancouver Island

    Vancouver home designer Marque Thompson prepared plans for this waterfront paradise. The interior is timeless and elegant. Natural design elements and a large outdoor living space are incorporated to embrace beach side living. A smart home system provides convenient, intelligent, and sophisticated control of this home’s interior and exterior lighting.

    CARE Finalist, 2010
    Best Outdoor Living Space
    Best Interior 3600 Sq.ft. & over

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  7. West Vancouver Residence

    This home was designed by West Vancouver architect Joe Rommel, Rommel Design. The interior detailing of this luxurious home is equisite with classic wall panelling, vaulted ceilings and a central concrete fireplace. Designed for a family that enjoys large family gatherings, the kitchen is bright, spacious and perfect for entertaining.

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  8. Richmond Residence

    This home conveys a visual story about the owners. Incorporated in the design of this project was the client’s love of rich colours and architecture. This was achieved through the selection of dramatic fixtures and finishes, handcrafted furnishings and original artwork.

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